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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Yes Ma'am was formed in the summer of 2011 by five friends who have known each other for years because they're all Crossfit and Bootcamp instructors who work out together at 6am every day, all while kicking other people's asses into shape. They don't take shit from anybody, but definitely dish it out. Bringing you the best in Southern Rock, Yes Ma'am lays down their music like an afternoon thunderstorm sweeping through the pines trees of the Georgia hills. Yes Ma'am's first venue gig was opening for Cadillac Jones, one of the South's best instrumental funk bands.


Shelby "Jabby" Gutenberger

Lead Vocals, Tambourine

Shelby rocks the house. Can we get a resounding "Yes Ma'am!!!"

Tim "Dr. Gimothy" Gutenberger

Guitar, Bass

Studmuffle of the band. He's got rhythm. Watch out, ladies.

Dennis "Dr. D" Reidy

Lead Guitar, Bass

Absolute shredder of music and minds.

John "JW" Williams

Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals

A crooner with an attitude.

Mark "theGRizz" Adams

Drums, Vocals

He beats the hell out of skins.